Heltun Relay Switch Quinto, Z-Wave Plus, 5 channels, 5А each, energy consumption measure, on/off controller

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The HE-RS01 Relay Switch “Quinto” fits easily behind switches in standard electrical junction boxes or in a circuit breaker panel making connected devices ‘Impossibly Smart’. Thanks to Quinto’s five channel relays it can manage either: 1) up to five On/Off devices, 2) three On/Off devices and one bidirectional motor, or 3) one On/Off device and two bidirectional motors. Two independent relay channel inputs allow control of systems with different power sources or use of relay outputs as dry contacts.

  • Dimensions: 50x50x26mm
  • Software energy consumption meter
  • 5 dry contact channels with max load of 5A per channel
  • Outputs controls by internal scenarios using schedules and timers
  • Advanced zero cross technology
  • Works both with VAC 85 265 and VDC 24 48
  • Can be installed in junction box and in circuit breaker panel
  • 5 pilot wires for external control
  • 20 association groups to control switches, dimmers and blinds
  • Latest Z Wave 700 platform with S2 security and SmartStart
  • First multi frequency Z Wave device
  • Z Wave Plus V2 and CE certified
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The HELTUN HE-RS01 is an advanced programmable Z-Wave Plus v2 in-wall relay switch that controls many devices, including lights, dimmers, blinds, curtains, door locks, gates, motorized valves, roller shutters, and more.



Five channel relays with dry contacts & 5 Amp load each.

HELTUN Advanced Zero-Cross Technology delivers greatly increased longevity & reliability of the system.






The Relay Switch quinto with roller shutter control, brings incredible capabilities to any connected device. It makes light switches ‘smart’ with full remote monitoring, control, and advanced programmability. This brings the convenience of smartphone app control and automation to ‘dumb’ devices such as multi-gang light switches, electronic door locks, motorized gates, blinds, windows, and valves.

For example, you can control up to...

  • Five ON/OFF devices

  • Three ON/OFF devices, and one, two-direction motor

  • One ON/OFF device, and two, two-direction motors


At 26mm in depth, the Relay Switch quinto is also ‘impossibly small’, fitting into any rectangular, round or square electrical junction box, even behind attached devices.



The main power input can be either 85-265VAC or 12-48VDC. There are five relay outputs each with a maximum 5 Amp load. There are also two independent inputs for relay channels which allow control of systems with different power sources, or to use outputs as dry contacts: e.g. to switch ON/OFF 220VAC lights and control motorized valves with 24VDC power.

There are six pilot wire inputs: one common and five for each relay channel. This allows the Relay Switch quinto to be controlled by up to five different sources (e.g. five different light switches) and control all relay outputs separately. Each relay channel uses the HELTUN Advanced Zero-Cross Technology to deliver greatly increased longevity & reliability.



The HELTUN built-in Power Consumption System precisely monitors how much energy you used during any particular day, week, or month. Do your current light switches do that?

Just specify the consumption of the load in watts for each relay channel and the Relay Switch quinto logic will calculate total consumption relative to the time since the output was in the ‘ON’ state.

We have also designed the circuitry so it draws almost zero watts to power itself when in standby mode. This saves you energy and money especially if your home is equipped with many HELTUN products.



There are seven different modes that can be selected for the Relay Switch quinto with up to five pilot wires being used to control any relay output to devices like a wall switch, alarm panel, etc.

  • Invert State - If ON, turn OFF when pilot wire circuit is closed (or if OFF, switch ON).

  • Momentary - Switch ON when pilot wire circuit is closed, switch OFF when opened.

  • Momentary Reversed - Switch OFF when pilot wire circuit is opened, switch ON when closed.

  • Switch ON Only - When the pilot wire circuit is closed (i.e. short-circuited).

  • Switch OFF Only - When the pilot wire circuit is closed (i.e. short-circuited).


The Relay Switch quinto output can also be controlled by an internal timer. For example, after the switch is turned ON, it can be configured to automatically switch OFF a specified time later (or vice-versa: turn ON after being turned OFF). This function can be used to open or close garage doors, gates, blinds, curtains, locks, etc., and then return them to their previous state with no additional input.

  • Timer (ON then OFF) - Switch ON when pilot wire circuit is closed, then Switch OFF after specified time.

  • Timer (OFF then ON) - Switch OFF when pilot wire circuit is closed, then Switch ON after specified time.



The HELTUN Relay Switch quinto does a lot more than just control house lights. You can use it to control motorized blinds, curtains, garage doors, driveway gates, and electric locks. You have full control over programming specific functions.


The system also calculates the position of the blinds when fully opened or closed and automatically stops the motor when it reaches the UP or DOWN limit. 



Using the internal timekeeping of the HELTUN Relay Switch quinto, you can create schedules for some devices.


For example:

  • Open the blinds at 7:00AM and close them at 10:00PM

  • Switch on the porch light at 7:00PM and turn it off at 1:00AM.


The possibilities for adding convenience and comfort are endless and limited only by the creativity of the owner or installer of the HELTUN Relay Switch quinto.



Is your DIN rail a ‘dumb’ rail?


Since the HELTUN Relay Switch quinto has 5 channels which can each handle up to 5 Amp loads, it is a perfect addition to your circuit breaker panel for monitoring and controlling groups of devices from the Internet through a Z-Wave gateway, such as:

  • Entire groups of lights

  • Motorized valves

  • Door locks

  • Motorized blinds, doors, and gates


The Micromodule Mounting Adaptor is available from HELTUN as an accessory for the Relay Switch quinto to fit standard DIN rails (50mm width), or it can also be mounted directly on the wall using the supplied screws & anchors.



The HELTUN High Load Switch can be easily installed into any standard electrical junction box (rectangular, square, or round) in just minutes. Installation must only be performed by someone trained in handling high voltage electrical systems.


• Dimensions: 50x50x26mm

• Material: Flame retardant plastic

• Color: White

• Five relays for resistive loads up to 5A each

• Two independent relay inputs (dry contact)

• Relay switching with HELTUN Advanced Zero-Cross Technology

• One common (S) and five pilot wires (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5) for external control

• Energy consumption software logic

• Operating temperature: 0°С to +60°С

• Power supply: 85-265VAC 50Hz/60Hz, or 24-48VDC

• Power consumption: <1W

• IP class: IP21

• Z-Wave Plus V2 SDK: V7.11

• Z-Wave module: ZGM130S

• Mounting – either:

• Flush electrical junction box:
round, rectangular or square type – min. depth 40mm

• Optional adapter for DIN Rail mounting (50mm width) or on wall screwing


Connection Technology:
Energy Measure:
External Control:
Installation Type:
Built-in Module
Requires Neutral:


User Manual (Heltun_HE-RS01_User_Manual_B11AH.pdf, 787 Kb) [Download]

Package Contents

-1x Relay Switch


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