Hubs & Gateways


Hubitat Elevation is a fast, reliable smart home platform that works with most devices. Hubitat Elevation is a versatile, customizable environment that allows you to build both simple and complex automations to satisfy even your most demanding clients. Includes the Hubitat Elevation® Model C-7 Hub with internal radios for both Zigbee and European frequency Z-Wave (868.4 MHz)


Connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and make them work together. Monitor and control connected devices in your home using a single SmartThings app for your Phone Automate connected devices in your home and set them to turn on or off when doors are opened, as people come and go, and much more.


Home Center 2 is the hub unit of high computing power, used to control the FIBARO system.

  • Work of FIBARO control unit is protected by advanced data backup and recovery system.
  • Using the user-friendly configuration interface of Home Center 2, you can create advanced, pre-defined scenes.
  • HC2 can manage user rights and supports VoIP functionality and video intercoms.
  • Home Center 2 gives users ability to write scripts in LUA, which extends the functionality of the system.
Create a more powerful smart home

Featuring more processing power than VeraEdge, and enabling control of additional device types, VeraPlus can help you expand your smart home system while maintaining the simplicity you’ve become accustomed to.

Ideal for apartments or small homes, the Vera Edge makes it possible for your smart devices to talk with each other—which means your home can take care of the little things and ensure it’s always just the way you like it.
Connection Technology