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  • Works with TRIAC dimmers and dimmer switches, including the Z-Wave Aeotec Nano Dimmer, to prevent low-energy lighting from flickering when dimmed.
  • Tiny but powerful, it measures only 0.98x0.39x0.75 inches and fits behind a dimmer switch or inline near the light source.
  • Compatible with most of the bulbs including LEDs, Dimmable LEDs, CFLs, Dimmable CFLs, and compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Works with both 2-wire system and 3-wire systems (with and without a neutral) and works with most of the lamps that use less than 4 watts.
  • Aeotec Bypass has been proved to enhance light dimming and control while reducing annoying flickering in an economical and effective way. 
  • Package includes 1 pcs x Bypass, 1 pcs x installation manual.
The product is connected to the Aeotec Water Sensor Dock (ZW160-Z) and detects even the smallest amounts of water over its entire length. The Aeotec Lasso Sensor is suitable to cover whole areas and not only single points. This allows you, for example, to secure your washing machine over a large area by moving the Lasso Sensor from the connection point to underneath the washing machine. This protects you from potential water damage over a wide area.

MultiSensor 6 is only 4 cm in size. With Recessor it gets even smaller. Recessor allows Aeotec’s Z-Wave Plus Multisensor 6 to be installed within a ceiling or wall cavity. Once installed it’s only invisible, emerging only 1 cm from the wall or ceiling. Despite being recessed, MultiSensor 6 can still be powered either by batteries or by mains power.

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