• PERFECT AMBIANCE LIGHT - Choose from 16 million RGB colours to create the perfect ambiance. Adjust the brightness and colour to set the perfect lighting in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Bring music and movies to life. Great for events like parties, Christmas, and Halloween. 
  • FLEXIBLE & CUTTABLE – This 5-meter-long LED strip gives you the flexibility to shape, bend and trim it to the perfect size. Easily Install the strip to walls, cabinets, or bed frames with the included 3M adhesive tape. Made of IP65 waterproof materials
  • REMOTE CONTROL - Whether you are at home or away, switch the LED strip on/off or change colours from any location with the Hombli app (Android and iOS). Pair the LED strip directly with your Wi-Fi network (2.4Ghz only). No hub required.
  • VOICE CONTROL - Connect the Smart LED Strip to Google Home, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri Shortcuts for convenient voice control. Use your voice to change colours, dim the lights or switch on/off the LED Strip without using your hands.
  • CUSTOM SCENES – Easily set timers, schedules, and smart scenarios for the Hombli LED strip with the app. The strip can switch on/off according to pre-set conditions like time, weather, sunrise/sunset and more. 
  • DIMMABLE SMART LIGHTING – Adjust the smart spot brightness and colour temperature to match any mood. Create the perfect lighting for reading, working, studying or any other occasion. Save up to 60% energy consumption with A+ LED technology
  • REMOTE CONTROL - Whether you’re at home or away, switch your lights on/off from anywhere via the free Hombli app (Android and iOS). Connect directly with your WiFi network
  • VOICE CONTROL - connect your Hombli spotlight to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Use your voice to dim the lights while watching TV or turn off all the lights before you go to sleep with one simple voice command
  • SCHEDULE – Easily schedule your wireless smart spot to automatically turn on/off to specific conditions such as time, weather or sunset/sunrise. Use your light bulb to wake you up instead of a noisy alarm  
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE – Designed in The Netherlands. Lifespan over 25000 hours. Easy to install. Powered by Tuya Smart Technology Platform. GDPR compliant. Highest safety standard
  • ULTRA SHARP VIDEO – Watch your home with crystal clear full HD 1080p video quality. The smart wireless camera spots everything with a 130-degree wide-angle view even in the dark
  • INSTANT ALERTS – Receive alert notifications on your smartphone when the security camera detects motion or sound. Two-way audio with a built-in microphone and speaker allow you to communicate directly via the camera 
  • REMOTE CONTROL – Watch live videos from your smart camera from anywhere in the world via the Hombli app (Android and iOS). Connect the smart camera directly with your WiFi network.
  • VOICE CONTROL - Connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Use your voice to play live videos from the baby room, living room or anywhere else you have placed a smart camera
  • QUALITY – Designed in The Netherlands. Easy to install. Powered by Tuya Smart Technology Platform. GDPR compliant. Highest safety standard.  
  • SMART SECURITY CAM – The smart outdoor camera spots everything in Full HD 1080p in stable 15 FPS with 90° wide-angle view. IP66 waterproof to provide security throughout all weather conditions. Infrared night vision up to 15 meters
  • SMART DETECTION – Receive alerts instantly on your smartphone when the outdoor security camera detects motion. Two-way audio with built-in speaker and microphone allows you to communicate directly via the camera
  • REMOTE CONTROL – Connect the camera to WiFi and watch live videos from your front door, backyard or anywhere else you have placed the camera via the Hombli app (Android and iOS) on your smartphone
  • GET ALERTED IN ANY ROOM – Use the Chime to get alerted when someone is ringing the Hombli Smart Doorbell, without needing your smartphone. Plug in multiple Chimes to get alerted in any room from your home
  • PLUG-AND-PLAY INSTALLATION – Plug the Chime into any EU power outlet. Use the free Hombli app to pair the Chime directly to your 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network and to connect to the Hombli Smart Doorbell (sold separately)
  • LONG RANGE – The Chime has a strong signal and can operate up to 300m from the Hombli Smart Doorbell. This allows you to place the Chime in any room you want
  • ADJUSTABLE VOLUME – Pick one of the 21 different sound alerts and adjust the volume with 4 volume levels from 25dB to 110dB.
  • ADD-ON FOR HOMBLI SMART DOORBELL – Works with the Hombli Smart Doorbell. Install multiple chimes in your home to never miss the doorbell again
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